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• Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Sprouting Potatoes

Free Plants…

Talking of free grape vines… there is another way I love getting free plants… with vegetable sprouts.

I always chop off the growing sprouts on potatoes and sweet potatoes …and put aside… before the rest is added to the pot. I have had some good success with Potatoes because the monkeys leave them alone. The Sweet Potatoes are quickly discovered by the vine rising above the cutting. Such a tiny morsel they get for destroying my pretty little vine! When the courtyard is finished the nursery bed inside will be safe.

Other vegetables that I like chopping off the sprouting bits on are Beets and Carrots. Unfortunately they usually end up as monkey morsels too after planting out before I have had much of the leaves. The leaves of beetroot are considered more nutritious than the actual beet itself which is quite amazing, because everyone knows [well… everyone who cares!] how nutritious the root is. I saw a list once of the top most nutritious vegetables, and beet leaves were in that top 10 way above the root.

Life is good when close to loved ones... : )

Happy Cat

As I write my little cat has found a way to curl up between me and my PC. She needs to get as close as possible and purrs like a little diesel engine with great satisfaction each time she manages this. Here is a shot taken with my phone… as you can see.. not my first choice when trying to type… but we manage…

Happy Cat sitting between 2 Potato Plants

Back to sprouting vegetables.

Here is a pic of some potatoes plants that have grown from the off-cuts. Monkey free living when you are a potato plant. I always place cuttings like these in my nursery/worm-bed just outside my back door.

I am turning this area into a courtyard to protect all my precious starting plants. I will even fence over the top to keep all wildlife out. It will serve as a safe place at night for the puppies when I get them too. It all also ads security and even some extra ‘ambience’ to the place when completed. A true permaculture solution!

Until next time,