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• Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Too much fruit sugar?

I want to comment on a very real challenge I experienced in seeking to transition to only raw food – in hopes of helping anyone else hitting this difficulty.

Minor Detox Symptoms

Everything was going along relatively smoothly and any minor discomforts I put down to the detox.  However, at one point I began to doubt I could really manage to keep going on this raw food diet.

I was suffering the most debilitating fatigue. I was eating well and could not understand why I felt so foggy in my head and so lethargic. The fogginess got so extreme it was like a tight headache band across my forehead.

This was more than a detox reaction; it was even worse than experienced when I start fasting. It didn’t make sense.


After more prayer it suddenly hit me! I was experiencing hypoglycemia. My body was behaving as though completely starved of blood sugar. This used to be a real problem to me when I was a child and young adult until I learned to manage it very well on a high protein diet. I had not suffered that strange tight headache feeling for so long that I didn’t easily recognise it. Could it be that I was reacting negatively to the fruit sugar? This filled me with great disappointment. I love fruit and saw it as the most amazing and delicious food source.

High Protein Troubles

I didn’t want to go back to my old way of eating animal protein. It had created many other problems for me even as it sorted out the hypoglycemia. Inflammation levels in my body had become so extreme that I was in constant pain for many months until I came off animal proteins. I had even started a bit of arthritis in my baby finger. This started reversing on the raw food diet within weeks.

I felt a bit desperate.

Again I earnestly sought the Lord to guide me. I pray about everything. What I can’t see He sees clearly. I am aware how much He is helping me succeed in this health journey. He always guides me to the right answer.

The Bad Guy Called Fat

Very quickly I was shown that it was not the fruit that was the problem but the kind of fat I was eating that was messing up my energy supply. I began to notice that I only suffered this severe blood sugar deficiency at certain times of eating fruit and not at others.

One night I was cooking steak for everyone and decided to have a small piece myself too. I had not eaten steak in months and it tasted OK. The next morning I looked for my fruit as usual.

I like to start the day on fruit, progress to a green smoothie sometime later and then have a salad late in the day. That particular morning I ate plenty of fruit but just felt terrible. This is when I recognised those old feelings of hypoglycemia. Here I was filling my body with food but reacting as though I was starving it.

It was such a severe reaction this particular time that it really caught my attention. I wasn’t up to much that whole day.

The Insulin Receptors

It was only much later in the day that I started to recover. I was able to eat and feel better. This was not possible until all the fat I had taken in the night before had been completely processed. I learned that fat coats the insulin receptors and the body is not able to absorb the required sugars to keep energy levels high.

Success Again

Now that I am careful not to eat again until all fats have been processed I do not suffer from a hypoglycemic response to fruit. This includes any raw food fats like Olive oil and different nuts. I have to be careful with all fats and oils. If I have eaten higher fat than normal I will fast until I am sure it is safe to eat again. I only usually eat that bit of extra fat at night, and then will fast until later in the day the next morning. I think that extra fasting – making breakfast later than normal – is good, anyway. I did this for a long time before transitioning into the Raw Vegan lifestyle.

Animal Protein

I still on occasion crave some animal protein. Wish I didn’t, but I do. I have found a Vegetarian Protein polony that tastes great with my salad [that is where I still desire some protein], but have discovered that it contains Wheat flour and I am allergic to gluten. Sigh. It helped me be completely Vegan during transition to Raw Vegan. A salad without this ‘protein fix’ seems so unfulfilling to me. I suppose I could eat fish, but to be honest I would prefer not to. I will have to see.

No judgement on those who do eat meat – I just prefer to avoid it if at all possible. I never thought it possible until now.


I really dislike a prevalent attitude I see a lot in the raw food world of judging those who eat meat. I was raised eating meat, as have many others, and until now hadn’t thought it possible to have another eating lifestyle. That is where most people in the world are, I think. No one likes the idea of killing. Everyone was taught to eat meat long before we understood something died to give us the meat. We just avoid any thought about how it came to our plate because we see no way around it.

Vegetarian is often seen as quirky and unhealthy, and to be honest I believe it is unhealthy, because most Vegetarians load up on fats, and eat lots of cooked foods. Only raw food will bring real health and healing. I see too many overweight and unhealthy Vegetarians.

I admire their motivation when they are truly Vegetarian, but dislike it when it comes with an attitude of superiority, and can not help but notice their health levels, so I haven’t taken them seriously. Most of them eat fish anyway. I know someone who is honest about that. Good for her. She doesn’t really want to, but admits freely that she does eat fish occasionally. She is the same dilemma I find myself in now.

Journeying on

I hate killing too. I have only seriously thought about it since starting to farm, and to farm without having to do this would be wonderful. Those little hens and rabbits could just be here to add fertility to the earth. They are cute, and it is just a fact that they are very easy to love. I do not want to see them on my plate.

But old habits die hard and I am not there yet ….  almost… but not quite…

So I journey on.

Until next time,


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