• Friday, December 30th, 2011

greens in a smoothie

We are fast approaching the end of the year 2011 and at this time thoughts always turn to the New Year and hopes therein. At the moment I am particularly looking at ways to increase health. I have some serious goals ahead and want to be the strongest I am able to be.

Conflicting Information

In a little over 2 months I can look back and be glad to have moved towards a Raw Food Diet. Good changes have started for me, but I am very aware that I am on a journey of discovery. With all the conflicting information out there I have prayed for wisdom.

Green Smoothies

I have made the Green Smoothie a regular part of my diet now, but have become concerned about high levels of oxalic acid in the Spinach and other greens that I add to the Smoothie. I believe the chalky feeling in my mouth after drinking the Smoothie is the oxalic acid. Young leaves seem to have much reduced levels of this acid so I will progressively change to them, especially as I grow my own. I also understand that many believe that raw oxalic acid is not as harmful as cooked oxalic acid, the latter causing kidney stones as it binds with calcium and forms calcium oxalate. Most of a kidney stone is calcium oxalate. So raw food is the better choice even when dealing with oxalic acid. I believe this. I will do more research on this and see if my current belief stands the test of time. But that will be for a more serious article.

I know that it would not be a good idea to go off of raw Green Smoothies, because the alternative is cooked greens and they have definitely done less for me in the past. We need greens, and at this stage I am convinced that raw is superior.

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Just a note: These posts in the Raw Food Living Journal series are merely my thoughts as I move forward in discovery in this new way of living and eating. I am not interested in setting out to prove anything; merely to journal my thoughts. More serious articles on certain aspects of this lifestyle will probably result in time.

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